Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Mom really knows what is the best for her child, while doing some window shopping, my mom handed me this dress, very light and so comfortable to wear. And that is the moment I told my self, I can't let this pass. So tadaaah! :D I thank my mom because she gave me this, really. I am totally in love with it. The fabric is so soft and gentle to the skin. SM Woman apparels really has good materials when it comes to choosing a fabric. Thumbs up guys! It's not hard to pair it with any accessories, so bangles will do. No need for heavy touch up and any types of shoes or sandals will go perfectly with it. I highly suggest to pair it with white sneakers, mandals, strap gladiator, anything will do. Just make sure that you are comfortable and can bring out the best ootd. Enjoy dressing up guys :)

I am really blessed and thank God for my mom. She can be a strict, terror, and all but she is also as sweet as the sweetest cake on Earth, she cares for us more than anything. She is my Super mom. My mom don't love to wear fancy clothes but when she wants something she will buy it no matter what the $$$ is. My mom is my biggest critic, if she don't want what I am about to buy, she will tell it to me details by details all reasons for her to dislike it. She may be my critic but at the same time she is also my number 1 fan. She always say to me that I have too many clothes, but even if she perfectly knows it she still buys me clothes and sometimes she is the one who is suggesting me to buy it if I am having second thoughts. Funny but I really love it. I admire her personality and every little things about her! She is very supportive with my passion. What I am now is really because of her. Thanks for always having my back mom! 

P.S I love every moment we go shopping btw ;)

 SM Woman Dress/ Parisian sandals/ Camille Co's bazaar bracelet 

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  1. You have a super mom!

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