Thursday, October 8, 2015


One thing that I love about SG is that it feels like home, same timezone and stuff well if you are gonna base it to the weather and the physical appearance of people around. I remember there was a time I talked to someone mistakenly knowing him as a filipina. Haha! And minus of course the traffic, pollution and noise in the streets in my beloved country. SG is a treasure just like Ph! I know for sure that I will be back in this majestic country in no time. And that time, more on exploring every corner of SG. :) 

When you are living in a tropical country like Philippines and Singapore, wearing thick and heavy clothes is a big no no. Light weight and thin fabrics is now my kind of trend since I bought this jumpsuit from HM. Of course you cannot enjoy a pretty place wearing something uncomfortable and irritating, right? Counting my days now to go back here. And btw, every morning outside Capri, there's a dog training and everyone is free to watch and learn from them! Superb :D

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