Friday, June 12, 2015


During this kind of weather jogging pants, long sleeves and any thick clothes is a big no. I opted to wear something cool though not that daring. Kimonos are in this year, the light fabric and also some unique prints are really one of the apparels that you can include in your ootd's. You can try different kind of kimonos and replace your cardigans for a more refreshing look. You can find different prints at the stores where there are plains and printed ones. What I like about this kimono is that it is very light and see-through. Combined with a top that has a light fabric and color and pair it with a shorts. No reason to sweat under the bright burning sun. Thanks also to the shades (hundred of shades) of the palm trees, it gives fresh air and a very relaxing feeling. I hope we have a place like this one in Manila. A place free of pollution  and very fresh air to breathe. 

All the credits goes to my very supported boyfriend! Yey. Thanks for these lovely shots! Next time again? :) 

Photographed by: Gelo Bianson

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