Thursday, June 11, 2015


Nothing could go wrong when you had a very fine breakfast facing the ocean and the infinity pool with a very peaceful ambiance and fantastic set of dishes. Oceania, the buffet breakfast at South Palms Resort in Panglao, offers not only the beach and long shore but also their lovely cuisine and fast service. There are many dishes here that you will really love and indeed a picture perfect one and not to mention that the taste is as good as it looks :)

Oceanica restaurant has an ambiance where you feel like you are really in a smooth vacation. The utensils are really high-end, and the design of the restaurant itself shows cultures and brings out Filipino theme. It gives you cool and relaxing moment while eating your favorite dishes. Oceanica serves different buffet everyday so there is something to look forward to each morning. (Happily bacon is ALWAYS there in their buffet :D ) 

They also have pancakes station where they have different toppings ready for you. From blueberry, mango, strawberry and more! They also have chocolates and marshmallows and different sweets too.

My favorite section in this buffer. 

Photographed by: Marj Vergara

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