Saturday, June 13, 2015


The beach is one of the most interesting place on Earth. During our vacation at South Palms Resort I've seen hundreds of starfish, sea urchins and some animals that are unknown to me. It's been exciting and a lot of scary since I don't even know the names of others. The beach is so big that's why I was thinking or let's say wondering if there are any dolphins or sharks around. (I was hoping to see one). One of the life guard told me that across the floating line there are sharks and some islands around panglao island have dolphins but they can only be seen early in the morning around 5am. During our kayaking I've seen hundreds of see urchins (sorry I wasn't able to take photos during the kayak because I'm just too afraid that my camera will dive. LOL). It's kinda scary to swim in the middle part of the beach since there are so many sea urchins that are really big and also starfishes that undisturbed. It is really beautiful indeed! 

Photographed by: Gelo Bianson

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