Thursday, June 4, 2015


When all of the photos are good for the blog, let's give a round of applause to my sister! Good job baby! :) Well today is another off from my beloved work. Day off spent at the hotel. A nice treat for my family from my first salary. God is really a wonderful provider, he didn't just gave me a job, but He blessed me with a job that can help me treat my family for a less expense, and also would you believe that our front office manager sent a cake for my birthday? Truly blessed! God works in amazing wonderful mesmerizing way! 

Let's go to my story for my ootd xD I have this top for months now and it fits any occasions! If you want to look corporate you can pair it with a pencil cut skirt and get ready for an interview or work. Or for casual days, you can pair it with jeans and shorts just like the one that I am wearing. Give thanks to the very great designers of Forever21 for this top. I actually opted to wear shorts because of the high temperature outside. The top might look uncomfortable when the temperature's hot but believe me it is so soft and very light that is why this is one of my favorite ever! I also used a shade that will incorporate with it. Actually everything will go perfectly with black. And so a stripe of black and white can be good because it has details and the pairing is just simple yet classy. My favorite thing about this top is the design itself. When you wear it, the flow, the stitch and the curves it has is just perfect. The top has natural beauty of its own. LOL

Photographed by: Marry An Vergara

Forever21 top and shorts/ Parisian sandals 

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