Saturday, April 25, 2015


Waking up with so much blessings surrounding you is the best day to start your day! :) Upcoming vacation, and start of work, well this is real work for sure! Good bye trainings and unpaid duties! Yeyy :D I'm excited, nervous and there is this feeling that I can't explain thinking that days from now I will start my job in a 5 star hotel. Yes! You read it right. My first experience in a 5 star hotel! So much blessing and perfect gift for my parents. Well, it is just the start of everything. I know God has something big for all of us. And I'm so excited to see what is that. Thank you Jesus! I lift up everything to You! :) And before I start working and I know that one thing that is required in my duty is to stand all day wearing high heels, it's really a pain in my feet I know. Like what they all say, No pain no gain. Well I think I need to pamper my feet and relax a bit. I deserve that after everything I guess ^_^ And when I say pamper it is always Manos Nail Lounge! Where they offer mani & pedi as well as different kinds of massage! Indeed one of the best nail spa in the Philippines :) I really want to share my insights and experience in Manos and hopefully I can post that this May as I am surely coming back at their store. But before anything else, since I'm here in BGC where every corner is a picture perfect I decided to take this opportunity to have something for my blog. A simple ootd to a simple yet blessed day for me! :) 

I grew up watching Mickey Mouse cartoon, and I guess until now I will watch it if I can spot one. The story is funny and I specially love minie! ♥ And with that print on my shirt I can say I am very well satisfied with my look! In addition, I admire that it has different texture that kinda looks like 3D.  It is a simple unique shirt ;) And a denim shorts and a red sling bag will goes very well with my top. A simple "baesic" ootd.  

Photographed by: Marry An Vergara
SM Dept top/ Landmark shorts/ Parisian shoes/ Jovanni bag/ Guess watch

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