Friday, March 27, 2015


Well I think blue is a common color, but I can't deny the fact that blue is my second favorite shade ever! It is not hard to pair with anything in my closet and in this season, it is indeed a cool color and has a calming effect. It always reminds me of the sea and the sky. I don't know if you encounter that feeling that there is something special whenever you look at the sky and see the beach. It really calms me down and makes me feel relax. 

Visiting back Shangri La Hotel in Makati last month I think is another blessing and a few days relaxation as I finished my training. Yes! Finally I am done with it! Cheers to that! And now as I move forward, graduation is coming and all the practices and requirements makes me feel more excited! I am really looking forward to have my own money and treat my family out! I can imagine things like that now :) I am just so thankful for every blessing that is happening to me right now. So no dull shades for now and no boring prints. So I think this #ootd describes my feelings right now.  And since all of the graduates now wants to have a job and earn their own money and want to stand up and gives a good first impression to the employers, a fashion consultant recommend wearing this shade "blue" to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty and integrity. I think that is what all employers are looking for right? Hope you all like it! :)

Photographed by: Marry An 

Penshoppe top/ River Island pants/ Parisian sandals/ Avon earings

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