Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Mom really knows what is the best for her child, while doing some window shopping, my mom handed me this dress, very light and so comfortable to wear. And that is the moment I told my self, I can't let this pass. So tadaaah! :D I thank my mom because she gave me this, really. I am totally in love with it. The fabric is so soft and gentle to the skin. SM Woman apparels really has good materials when it comes to choosing a fabric. Thumbs up guys! It's not hard to pair it with any accessories, so bangles will do. No need for heavy touch up and any types of shoes or sandals will go perfectly with it. I highly suggest to pair it with white sneakers, mandals, strap gladiator, anything will do. Just make sure that you are comfortable and can bring out the best ootd. Enjoy dressing up guys :)

Monday, October 26, 2015


Ripped jeans or ripped shorts every piece is a beauty. As I was dying to have my own, my mom told me that why don't you just grab and cut off the old and washed pants you have? And I did it. Apparently this is not what I am talking about, **Sorry** But I will post my own DIY Ripped Jeans on the following days. You don't have to spend too much money to have your own! :)

One thing that I loved about ripped clothing is that it adds on the details in your ootd's so no need of much accessories. Ripped jeans or shorts can be worn in many different ways. It can be casual, boho, or punk rock if that is what you feel. Just dress up and enjoy!

Thursday, October 8, 2015


One thing that I love about SG is that it feels like home, same timezone and stuff well if you are gonna base it to the weather and the physical appearance of people around. I remember there was a time I talked to someone mistakenly knowing him as a filipina. Haha! And minus of course the traffic, pollution and noise in the streets in my beloved country. SG is a treasure just like Ph! I know for sure that I will be back in this majestic country in no time. And that time, more on exploring every corner of SG. :) 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


10-15mins drive away from Changi International Airport situated this beauty. Capri by Fraser hotel and residences is one of the best accommodation in Singapore if you are looking one near the airport. Capri can be compared to Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria and Holiday Inn Manila Galleria, it reminds me of them because it is also located just beside the mall. The employees are really accommodating and friendly. Though some of them speak English but their accent can be really difficult to understand but still they can provide quality service to their guests. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015


A quick update for today! Cheers! This month it's been a roller coaster ride and thanks God I survived! :) A sudden shift in work, and a great big opportunity for my dream. Really praying to fly soon! Oh God be with me and guide me to the path I will take. I don't know what's waiting for me but I believe it'll be beautiful, colorful and blessed!

Sunday, June 14, 2015


I adore each creations of the artists! Each murals are indeed a masterpiece! Every art has their own message and feelings and that what makes it beautiful. It put life on empty walls at High Streets and express their emotions in a creative way. I hope that empty walls will have murals like here in BGC, well not all empty walls but some, enough to show how artistic Filipinos are! I am so proud and happy to live near BGC, there are many events, concerts, and shopping malls and these murals are just a bonus. I am really looking forward to what new things will be added in this place! :)

The murals at BGC is not just a picture perfect but also a good backdrop for my blog! Yeeyy, I was actually waiting for this day to hunt and search for these babies! Well, it's just hard to capture the whole mural and me so just a glimpse of the bottom part of the mural is enough. Love the colors! Love the soft strokes and the story it tells. Cheers for the next mural hunt backdrop coming your way readers!


I never thought BHS have an event like this today and thanks God we went here this afternoon. Well, my sister went gaga about this event. LOL! She really wants to be a soldier but we don't want it for her since our parents have only 2 children. I honor and salute every soldiers in all countries! Their job is not easy and definitely not a joke. To be in their shoes is really hard especially whenever they are in the field. A little help only cost 350php will go a long long way for the education of the children of retired soldiers. You will get a chance to bring home these t-shirts and experience range shooting. You will enjoy your experience I'm sure of that and you will be a blessing to many kids. You can still join the event because they are open until 11pm tonight! Go catch them and try to shoot and carry those heavy guns and snipers just what my sister did! :D

Saturday, June 13, 2015


The beach is one of the most interesting place on Earth. During our vacation at South Palms Resort I've seen hundreds of starfish, sea urchins and some animals that are unknown to me. It's been exciting and a lot of scary since I don't even know the names of others. The beach is so big that's why I was thinking or let's say wondering if there are any dolphins or sharks around. (I was hoping to see one). One of the life guard told me that across the floating line there are sharks and some islands around panglao island have dolphins but they can only be seen early in the morning around 5am. During our kayaking I've seen hundreds of see urchins (sorry I wasn't able to take photos during the kayak because I'm just too afraid that my camera will dive. LOL). It's kinda scary to swim in the middle part of the beach since there are so many sea urchins that are really big and also starfishes that undisturbed. It is really beautiful indeed! 

Photographed by: Gelo Bianson

Friday, June 12, 2015


During this kind of weather jogging pants, long sleeves and any thick clothes is a big no. I opted to wear something cool though not that daring. Kimonos are in this year, the light fabric and also some unique prints are really one of the apparels that you can include in your ootd's. You can try different kind of kimonos and replace your cardigans for a more refreshing look. You can find different prints at the stores where there are plains and printed ones. What I like about this kimono is that it is very light and see-through. Combined with a top that has a light fabric and color and pair it with a shorts. No reason to sweat under the bright burning sun. Thanks also to the shades (hundred of shades) of the palm trees, it gives fresh air and a very relaxing feeling. I hope we have a place like this one in Manila. A place free of pollution  and very fresh air to breathe. 

All the credits goes to my very supported boyfriend! Yey. Thanks for these lovely shots! Next time again? :) 

Photographed by: Gelo Bianson

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Nothing could go wrong when you had a very fine breakfast facing the ocean and the infinity pool with a very peaceful ambiance and fantastic set of dishes. Oceania, the buffet breakfast at South Palms Resort in Panglao, offers not only the beach and long shore but also their lovely cuisine and fast service. There are many dishes here that you will really love and indeed a picture perfect one and not to mention that the taste is as good as it looks :)

Oceanica restaurant has an ambiance where you feel like you are really in a smooth vacation. The utensils are really high-end, and the design of the restaurant itself shows cultures and brings out Filipino theme. It gives you cool and relaxing moment while eating your favorite dishes. Oceanica serves different buffet everyday so there is something to look forward to each morning. (Happily bacon is ALWAYS there in their buffet :D ) 

They also have pancakes station where they have different toppings ready for you. From blueberry, mango, strawberry and more! They also have chocolates and marshmallows and different sweets too.

My favorite section in this buffer. 

Photographed by: Marj Vergara

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