Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Reminiscing my November with this photos. Having my camera with me all the time really gives me the opportunity to capture every moment I spent outside the comfort of my home. Good or bad, every split second was really worth the shot. 

With these beautiful stuff around BGC I know my night will be totally awesome! 

After seeing the  stuff toys from the movie Frozen the first person that came to my mind was my sister. She'll scream her heart out for this. Lol xD

And the highlight of my night was these paintings. They are all gorgeous and indeed fantastic. I really adore artistic people especially those kind of artist that use simple materials and creates magnificent work of art.  I asked the painter if I can take a picture of her to put here in my blog but sadly she's just too shy so she just let me took some shots of her art works.

Carbs, sweets and a lot more ♥ 

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