Saturday, December 20, 2014


Going back to my favorite hotel here in Makati was really full of fun and it's indeed relaxing. A short break that I really need away from the deadlines and work. The ambiance, the people, and the employees with their warm smile welcoming and greeting us every time, it was really a glimpse of heaven. A beautiful place like this in the middle of the city deserves an outfit that I love as well. It's not every time I wear crop top and not every where I wear corporate skirt. I honestly don't feel comfortable wearing too sexy apparel (yes, I still find it too sexy) in public like in malls and parks. Anyway, loving the prints in my crop top I opted to pair it with another printed vest and to calm my outfit down, a plain black skirt that I use during my ojt polished my look. And since I'm in a place like this, say hi to my heels! Yes it hurts, so why not remove them after taking some photos right? Lol. I honestly did that, from the gym area going up taking the elevator. The funny thing here actually was that when the elevator opened and I was about to go out, what surprised me was that I came a crossed to the newly weds, all dressed up in their gown and suit and I was like there barefooted while holding my heels. I so love that moment! ♥

Photographed by: Marry An Vergara

Forever21 Crop top and Vest/ Rusty Lopez Heels


  1. Great outfit!)

  2. Hey I've nominated you for The Infinity Dreams Award, check out my latest post. Thank you for your time


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