Friday, December 5, 2014


Everything pink is good in my eyes. The thing I love about it is how radiant you look in it. It simply shows my personality and attitude and that is also the reason why many years ago I adore barbies in their pretty little pink dress. I remember the times that I don't want to buy that school bag and that sandals because it's not pink. Good memories indeed! So when I saw this button up top I can't help myself to buy this. It's so chic and I can pair anything with it from jeans to shorts and even skirts. And now that gladiator sandals add up in my obsession list why not pair my first love to my gladiator sandals right? Adding up a black and white necklace really pop on my outfit. You see, if you're going to add accessories on your look remember that you must balance everything. It means that if you're going to wear necklace or bracelets the color must be still visible. Adding accessories in your look does and always polish your ootd's ;)

Here's a little pick of  paintings I saw at Makati Shangri La hotel, and I was really inspired and fascinated by their paintings since I am new and still learning to paint :) I really pray that someday I can make something as beautiful and meaningful like this babies.

Hope you all love it! ♥

Pazzo Top/ Primadonna Gladiator sandals/ Bazaar Shorts & Necklace


  1. Nice pictures!


  2. This shoes are gorgeous!!
    thanks for following me :) following you back ;)

  3. So lovely! Thanks for the follow - I followed you back :) That's a stunning color on you!

  4. Lovely outfit!! Really like the fit of the shirt, very flattering :-)


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