Friday, November 21, 2014


I've been so busy with all the duties I have to accomplish that I cant find any available time to blog and post all my drafts, so with my new post I'm gonna welcome myself with a stiletto that I always try to avoid, lol. Starting my day here in a very relaxing place in the middle of a busy city, Makati Shangri La Hotel was really the place I need right now. A few days of escape from all the stress and work. It's indeed a perfect timing for me :) Waking up embracing the warm comfort of the bed seeing and sharing laughter and fun with my family is the best stress reliever ever! And knowing that I got to go that day and face the reality again, I felt sad leaving the warmth and all the beautiful stuff here so before I bid goodbye here's a quick outfit post for you guys. 

TIP: Before choosing a dress or before thinking of buying that apparel you are thinking of, you must know what your skin color is. Buying the right color and details really affects your entire look. That's why I'm so in love with my pretty blue dress. Wearing the right one will add glow and drama to your look.

Here are some of the beautiful spots that I really adore in Makati Shangri La Hotel.

Busy lights of Ayala.
Photographed by: Marry an Vergara

Red Girl dress/ Rusty Lopez heels

Friday, November 7, 2014


I remember the time I told myself that I don't want to wear school uniforms anymore. It's just 2 weeks or so and I miss them already LOL. Since this semester is almost all about finishing our practicum and our company don't require uniforms, everyday I have to think of something to wear that is comfortable and I can move freely but don't get me wrong, I love and I'm enjoying every bit of it! I know most of you will think of corporate attire when you are working, and yes that's right. Part of myself is just tired of all the coats so I'm gonna stick to cardigans for now. It's light and very convenient. I opted to wear black skirt, and a gray top. The blend of dark color to light ones is just so perfect! And of course I don't want to put my feet to hell with high heels, so doll shoes will always and forever be my first choice.

Here are some corporate looks wearing cardigan instead of coat. Remember it's all about how you are going to carry your OOTD's and you can add some accessories to polish your look :)

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