Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Denim will never go out of style. And as a matter of fact all prints will go with it, don't forget dresses , crop tops and tees. You can look sexy, conservative, girly or whatever look you desire. Before, denim pants are just plain, but nowadays you can see different colors, cuts, and design depending on your taste. How fast fashion evolves right? How I wish we have wash day in our school, where we have the freedom to wear any clothes. This would've been a perfect outfit. Since I'm wearing denim vest and pants, I want this outfit to be something more than that. So, I opted to go with more lively colored heels. Gladly I have this black t-shirt I don't need to be careful choosing the color of my heels. That's one of the benefits that you have if you go with black colors, any color will blend perfectly. 

Photographed by: Hayna B.

Levis denim pants/ MSE heels/ Landmark vest/ Camille Co bracelet/ SM Dept. Store Captain America necklace

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