Friday, October 17, 2014


Did it ever happened to you that you have this one apparel in your closet that you love so much but don't know how you're going to look best at it? Actually, I don't know why I found it very complicated to what's the best for this top. I tried it on leggings, shorts, jeans, and a lot more! Everything seems to be good but I'm just not satisfied. I don't know why on Earth I felt that why. And then realization hits me, I want this outfit to be sexy, classy, not that girly and of course I want to feel safe and comfortable as I wear it. I'm really glad that I have this high waist shorts, it's really classic and the length of it? I don't even bother thanks to my hi-lo top :) When I say comfortable I'm actually pertaining with the flats I'm wearing. As you can see, I really matched it with my shorts. (I really love pairing clothes, shoes and accessories that have same prints and designs, you can observe that in my blog)

Some people are not comfortable wearing necklace. Trust me I know some. And for me, accessories like that will really help you polish your OOTDs, but as I always say you should love what you wear and you should not force anything if you don't like it just to make you look good. A little tip for you if you are that kind of person, try to pick a top that have enough details, studs or designs near on the collar. This will help you replace those accessories, and also you'll save your money :) 

Photographed by: Hayna B
Forever 21 Accessories, Camis, Hi-Lo Top & High waist shorts/ Zanea Sandals/ 

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