Friday, September 19, 2014


This post is not about outfits, foods or other stuff. This is all about the animals, homeless animals that needs our help especially this rainy days. It's raining hard and non stop and they are outside shivering.
While you're at home doing fine and dry some animals are starving, wet, and trying to survive. Yes they are dirty and they have rabies, but they have feelings too just like you. You are blessed that you are safe and sound, so why not share your blessings to those who needs it? They are animals, they need our help. I am not asking you too take care of them for their entire life if you don't want that. I'm just asking you if you can share your blessings to them. A little shelter, food, or drink, It means a lot to them. And to tell you this, they have feelings, they know how to love, to get hurt, and to appreciate every little things that someone is doing for them. Let's not forget the homeless cats and dogs. They need your help just like people. Let's not just look at them and ignore them. Remember, 

If you have any concerns you can contact Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) 
Contact number: 475-1688

Monday, September 15, 2014


Just a quick outfit post for today. I just want to thank God for giving me the best sister ever, she's really supportive and let's say patience. LOL. Thank you Mean for the nice shots. Anyway, I opted to wear an easy and very comfortable clothing. From the fabrics, designs and to sandals. Whenever I know that my day will have a long walk, I do wear my most comfortable attire from head to toe.

Camouflage prints is so trendy and will never go out of style! (It's actually my mom's leggings)  My mom bought this one unexpectedly because of the convention we have to attend and they are indeed strict in dress code. So we looked for a boutique inside MOA. I can't remember the name of the store but it's located near Forever21. Whenever I say comfortable when it comes to sandals, gladiator will always be my first choice and first love. It's very chic and modish.

Primadonna Gladiator Sandals/ Forever21 Top

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Every girl needs a pair of heels, and it's very seldom to find a comfortable one. S&H wedge sneakers is the answer! It's like your playing a hide and seek, thank you so much for this style you can look 3 inches taller wearing your favorite sneakers! I decided to pair it up with a baggy sweater and a shorts. For me, it is important to balance your clothing. I mean, if you are wearing shorts that's too short you can choose a top just like sweater or long sleeves to cover up your upper body. 

Photographed by: Marry An Vergara

Bench sweater/ Bazaar shorts/ S&H sneakers/ Forever21 rings 
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