Friday, August 1, 2014


With a weather like this wearing a shorts, sleeveless or let's just say a dress is really refreshing. Which is why this dress is so perfect for this kind of day! BUT they say "step away from black clothes" because it absorbs sunlight that makes you sweat more, and yes it's true. So you might incorporate some brighter and lighter colors in fabrics if you just can't resist wearing black. So as for me, this dress just answers it all. Black and white stripes and my ever favorite floral prints give all the attitudes that I am looking for a dress. Wearing flats also gives comfort so why not stick with it to complete that refreshing vibe right?

Thank you so much to my ever supporting family! For providing me everything that I need and what. And for this dress, thank you tita Josie Allan! I really super mega appreciate it! :) 

Photographed by: Marry An Vergara

Atmosphere UK dress/ Parisian flats/ Forever21 necklace/ Matties UK bag


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