Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Now I declare that August is a month full of celebrations! Special people close to my heart celebrates their birthday and when I say celebrate it means foods, lots and lots of foods. Oh, why do they have to be so delish! I originally planned to wear a crop top and pants, but since there's going to be a delectable dishes that will surround me and I cannot say no to them I opted to wear this very comfy top that I got last bloggers united and this skirt that I can say is one of my favorite. You can check my another outfit post wearing this skirt HERE.

It's not a sin to repeat clothes or wearing them again if you are a blogger. Even Kate Middleton repeats her attire right? As for me, I find it more interesting because it shows how creative you are mixing your clothes together and making another style. Wear anything that will give you comfort and happiness. That's a must. You must feel happy and free whenever you choose your clothes. It gives character in your image and also boost your self confidence. So whatever you wear you must love it! Who else will if you don't right? And speaking of comfort, gladiator sandals will give it all and style is a bonus. So if I were you and you're looking for a flats, don't just stick with doll shoes and slippers, try to play a little and try something new.

Let me introduce to you my pretty cousins! And it's my lolo's birthday! Yipeee :)

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