Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Finally a little break. I've been busy with a lot of paper works that needed to be done, resumes that I need to submit and assignments, reaction papers and etc. And the same goes with my style. I've been busy thinking how can I improve everything that I'm doing. They say in TQM "Continuous improvement" so let me apply it here. LOL.  Not the typical "kikay" or let's just say no more pink and dresses for now. I just love wearing black nowadays, it's safe, it can make me look sexier, and take note wearing pants and heels will make you look taller. Not just because you are wearing heels but because of the fact that the pants emphasize the shape of your legs. So girls, if you are going to take your skinny jeans for your ootd I suggest you wear your favorite heels that will incorporate to your top or if you're not comfortable wearing it, pick a flats that is pointed so you can still look taller. 

I've mentioned that I'm going to improve the way I post stuffs around here, it means that there are more tips and fashion advice for my blog. I really learned a lot with the different blogs and articles that I've read. I hope you'll find it all helpful and essential! :) 

Always take the opportunity when it is windy. 
I know a lot of girls are having trouble with their hair when it's windy, but take it as an opportunity to pose and have a natural flow of your hair whenever you're taking photos. It's giving you a natural effects and also whenever you take your pictures, face the light (I'm not sure if that's the right term. correct me please) The light will help your skin to look more radiant and flawless.  

 Show your best angle.

Learn to experiment.
Don't be afraid or shy to pose in front of the camera whether there are some people looking at you. Learn to experiment different poses so your shots will not be boring or so predictable.

Von Dutch top / +Forever 21 tattered jeans / MSE Heels / Matties UK Bag /

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