Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Everyone loves and wants to have a happy life, I mean who isn't right? Party here and there, dancing and singing their hearts out. Life is indeed a party! And after that, what will you gain? That's the question that always pops in my mind. Yes you'll be happy but will it last a lifetime? Life without Jesus is a meaningless. We're here because of His great love. We live here according to His purpose. Any action that doesn't involve God is meaningless. That is what I believe in. I'm really happy that I accepted Jesus in my life. Growing and changing according to His will is really my life. 

Last Saturday was my first time to experience attending the college service at Victory, Fort. It's really amazing! I saw many college students who worship God! Singing praises and shouting God's name and jumping with joy! God is really amazing!! :D 
Their testimony. Each story is indeed inspiring and it's totally amazing how God can transform you.
And special performance from N-SICK. LOL 
(me, kelly and hazel)
(Jonnah, my sister, kelly and hazel)
The assembly hall was really full :D
 I also spotted Julie Anne at the service :)
God bless us all! :)

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