Monday, July 7, 2014


Don't you love patterns that will make you look thinner? This is just a perfect dress. Those fats that I got this summer won't go so easily and to cover that up, this dress will help me to look slimmer and do compliment my  skin tone. And here's my gladiator again, I just can't move on with its beauty. It's too comfortable and pretty to not notice and wear. I always say that whatever you wear, you must be comfortable and feel extraordinary. So a sling bag that compliment the color of my necklace finished the look . I can move freely and enjoy the shop!

For the first time in forever, my mom took a photos of me! Before, she always told me that she can't take a pretty picture but she's wrong. I'm really glad to have a mom like here that always supports my passion. Cheers!

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