Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Everyone loves and wants to have a happy life, I mean who isn't right? Party here and there, dancing and singing their hearts out. Life is indeed a party! And after that, what will you gain? That's the question that always pops in my mind. Yes you'll be happy but will it last a lifetime? Life without Jesus is a meaningless. We're here because of His great love. We live here according to His purpose. Any action that doesn't involve God is meaningless. That is what I believe in. I'm really happy that I accepted Jesus in my life. Growing and changing according to His will is really my life. 

Last Saturday was my first time to experience attending the college service at Victory, Fort. It's really amazing! I saw many college students who worship God! Singing praises and shouting God's name and jumping with joy! God is really amazing!! :D 
Their testimony. Each story is indeed inspiring and it's totally amazing how God can transform you.
And special performance from N-SICK. LOL 
(me, kelly and hazel)
(Jonnah, my sister, kelly and hazel)
The assembly hall was really full :D
 I also spotted Julie Anne at the service :)
God bless us all! :)

Monday, July 21, 2014


My previous outfit posts was really special to me not because of my clothes or other stuffs but because my mom is with me the whole time. She took the photos and suggested my poses.Thank you Lord! How lucky I am that I have my whole family as supportive as they can be. I really can't ask for more. You will know a lot more about how supportive they are in my next posts. I just can't contain all the happiness and I am really overwhelmed by their support and love. How great are you Lord! Anyway back to my outfit post this sunny afternoon turned out to be a rainy one while we are shooting this. It's really amazing that my mom is the one who insisted that we still continue. LOL.
 I love this dress so much because it looks like a pair of top and skirt if you will see it personally. When I first saw it i just can't help myself not to buy this dress. the print, the fabric and the style says it all! :)

When I first saw this dress I just can't help myself not to buy it. The print, fabric and the style says it all! :) I love this dress so much because it looks like a pair of top and skirt if you will see it personally. And also the combination of colors are really chic.

Say hi to my mommy dear! :D

Blowing Bubbles dress/ MSE heels/ UK denim jacket

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Good bye summer! Hello cardigans and sweaters! :) It's been a long time that we haven't seen each other and I'm happy to say I'm on your warm embrace again. LOL. So at this moment  I want to go out of my comfort zone and try something new. Yes, it's my first time to wear sneakers. My feet revolves around heels, pumps, gladiators, flats, dollshoes, EXCEPT sneakers. I think I am not comfortable enough to wear this kind of footwear. But hey, it's pretty stylish so why not try. Because of the cool weather here's my cardigan which I really really love because of its cut and color match. and this top that have an interesting design really looks good together. I'm really happy mixing clothes especially if I'm going to wear the whole outfit for the first time, it's like your experimenting something that comes out really good.

Crissa top/ UK jeggings/  +Converse sneakers/ +Seiko Watches | Freedomwatches watch/ No Apologies cardigan

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The City of Vigan is a fourth class city in the province of Ilocos Sur,Philippines. Vigan have this exceptional beauty that tourist and every Filipino must experience and enjoy. With their rich culture, beautiful scenery and remarkable heritage everyone will surely enjoy their stay!  So let's love our dear Philippines and be proud of it! Let's support Vigan to be one of the 7 wonder cities! :) All you have to do is go to their site VOTE HERE. Make sure you will include Vigan in your votes. After you complete all 7 cities all you have to do is submit your votes, you can use your facebook and twitter account. After voting just print screen your vote just like this one 

Just send your print screen at marjoriegilv@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/MarjGil and don't forget to  include your name and contact number so that I can contact you! Support Vigan and win this dress! :)

Monday, July 7, 2014


Don't you love patterns that will make you look thinner? This is just a perfect dress. Those fats that I got this summer won't go so easily and to cover that up, this dress will help me to look slimmer and do compliment my  skin tone. And here's my gladiator again, I just can't move on with its beauty. It's too comfortable and pretty to not notice and wear. I always say that whatever you wear, you must be comfortable and feel extraordinary. So a sling bag that compliment the color of my necklace finished the look . I can move freely and enjoy the shop!

For the first time in forever, my mom took a photos of me! Before, she always told me that she can't take a pretty picture but she's wrong. I'm really glad to have a mom like here that always supports my passion. Cheers!

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