Sunday, June 1, 2014


 "When a dog is in your life, there's always a reason to laugh".  

This is just some of my favorite quotes about them. But as for me I think there's always a reason to love and be loved too. Having them is such a wonderful feeling that money can't replace. They will stay in your side through thick and thin and will never leave you even if you struggle. They are your companion, your BFF, your guide and your protector. There will come a time when your dog will test your patience and trust me, you will discipline your dog and yourself also. You will learn to be more understanding, to be more caring and appreciative with little things. Your dog might help you improve your self, to become better not just for yourself but to others as well.
Let me introduce to you our baby boy, he's not a pet. He's part of our family. Our spoiled little boy Chiko :) This afternoon while we're having some shots Chiko spent more of his time in front of the cam. My mom tried to call him many times, but he just came back and stop beside me. Maybe he want to be a blogger too! :D If only I knew I should've put him in his camou, next time! :) I really super mega love my Chiko, not just him but also ALL the animals whether they're so big or carnivorous I just love them even if they see me as their snack. Yes, I'm pertaining to a lion, tiger, wolf etc. If you know Christian you might understand me. You can watch him in this Link or read all about him here.

Gotta love how this dress flow. The cut is really neat and perfect and the fabric is just so gentle and soft. Forever21 will never fail to surprise me :)

This whole outfit is pretty special because it's Marry An my sister, Gelo my boyfriend and Tita Ed's gift to me on my birthday. I love them so much! :)
Styled by Marry An Vergara
Forever21 Dress / Parisian flats /  


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    1. He's actually handsome ^_^ Thank you so much! :)

  2. You look so great in this outfit!! And your "boy" is lovely!! XO


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