Sunday, June 29, 2014


I'm back again! It's been a busy busy week for me, thesis here, quizzes there, assignments, research and etc. Things I have to do and complete. Thanks God for this free time! Anyway this outfit post is essential for students like me but sadly we have this thing called uniforms. This outfit is perfect for the ladies who don't want to show much of their skin and looking fab and presentable at the same time. The color pattern is what I love and attract me in my whole outfit, different shades of blue it is! Did you know that blue causes calming chemicals and can curb your appetite? It also implies loyalty too that is why many presidential candidates choose to wear blue ties. Oh thank you google for giving me so much info! LOL. 

Photographed by: Dale Balaba
Candies long sleeve top/ Forever21 camis/ TRU pumps

Saturday, June 14, 2014


I always love pastel colors, it's so lady like and easy to pair on and style. Wearing pretty pastel shades head-to-toe really looks so feminine and refreshing. The best thing about pastel trends? you can pick your most favorite flats. No need to stick to those high heels or pumps. You'll look absolutely gorgeous with it :) As a student I have to be pretty thrifty and creative at the same time. Those dresses you have on your closet you can mix and match it with your favorite tops or sweaters to create a new look! Inside this sweater that I got from Forever21 is one of my favorite dress. You can check that outfit post HERE.

Parisian Flats / The Landmark dress / Forever21 sweater / Personal items accessories

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I wish phineas and ferb were here so I can have endless summer and fun! Not that I'm not enjoying school but summer is the best time, less stress, more time to sleep and we're allowed to stay up late too! I think summer have the best season to have quality moments to everyone. But at least one more year to go and I'm out and off to the working industry! How fun can it be? :D 
This outfit is basically inspired for the students who can wear casual get up for their school. How I wish we have even one day to wear something we want and to have a break with our uniforms. Anyway this look's kinda chill and easy go lucky. It's simple but the color combination will do the trick. Denim jeans will never go out of style and I think the easiest apparel to mix and match.  A little touch of accessories will polish the look.

Cotton on button up / Jansport bag / Fila shoes / Tomato & Charms bracelet accessories

Sunday, June 1, 2014


 "When a dog is in your life, there's always a reason to laugh".  

This is just some of my favorite quotes about them. But as for me I think there's always a reason to love and be loved too. Having them is such a wonderful feeling that money can't replace. They will stay in your side through thick and thin and will never leave you even if you struggle. They are your companion, your BFF, your guide and your protector. There will come a time when your dog will test your patience and trust me, you will discipline your dog and yourself also. You will learn to be more understanding, to be more caring and appreciative with little things. Your dog might help you improve your self, to become better not just for yourself but to others as well.
Let me introduce to you our baby boy, he's not a pet. He's part of our family. Our spoiled little boy Chiko :) This afternoon while we're having some shots Chiko spent more of his time in front of the cam. My mom tried to call him many times, but he just came back and stop beside me. Maybe he want to be a blogger too! :D If only I knew I should've put him in his camou, next time! :) I really super mega love my Chiko, not just him but also ALL the animals whether they're so big or carnivorous I just love them even if they see me as their snack. Yes, I'm pertaining to a lion, tiger, wolf etc. If you know Christian you might understand me. You can watch him in this Link or read all about him here.

Gotta love how this dress flow. The cut is really neat and perfect and the fabric is just so gentle and soft. Forever21 will never fail to surprise me :)

This whole outfit is pretty special because it's Marry An my sister, Gelo my boyfriend and Tita Ed's gift to me on my birthday. I love them so much! :)
Styled by Marry An Vergara
Forever21 Dress / Parisian flats /  
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