Saturday, May 3, 2014


A pretty gift from my sister way back years ago. I was looking inside of my closet wondering what outfit to wear, it's really hard even if you have dozens in front of you. Every girls encounter that right? So, after minutes of search I found this. And I'm really glad that it still looks good. The colors didn't fade that's what I love about this apparel. The sandals is actually my mom's property. Yes, we both have the same size thanks God! I can barrow her sandals, slippers and wedges anytime I want. This sandals is just beautiful and it blend well with the top print of my jumpsuit. It's really important that you will visualize or consider the color pattern of your attire.

One way to mess up a great look is by over accessorizing it. Coordinate your accessories with tact and moderation. When you go overboard, you detract from the apparel and you confuse the look.


  1. Cute jumpsuit!!


  2. Lovely post, is very comfortable!! See you on my blog XX♥

  3. Great jumpsuit Marjorie! Looks so comfy! :)


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