Sunday, May 18, 2014


The blistering heat outside won't stop me to go out and have something for my blog. I don't know why but I'm enjoying every second especially I'm with my soon to be blogger friend Dale Balaba. Since it's really hot here in  the Philippines I think this is the perfect outfit for the day. Pastel colors that's gentle to the eyes and with a top like this I could hardly sweat! It's really comfortable and the color is really perfect.
Actually this top was a shirt, soon I'm going to have some tutorial on how you're going to revamp your old clothes and make something useful out of it. Like you can make your own bracelet out of your old clothes! I'm excited to share it with you guys! :) Since I'm getting the hang of this blog thingy, I will have my first giveaway (MNL,Philippines only) this coming days. 
 I got this shirt when I was in 2nd year HS so it's almost 5 years now. I really want to be thrifty, that's why I decided to revamp my old shirts instead of throwing them away, and with that I won't spend much money for clothes.
Puma doll shoes / Forever21 High waist shorts / Dales cap / Old top


  1. Love your crop top and the colour of the shorts, absolutely amazing :)
    Kisses honey
    Say Cheese


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