Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Wearing something new is what I always love and do. This top that I got from bloggers united 7 (which I will post some day this week) is really a must have. Let me share some of my criteria s when I'm buying clothes. First I must feel comfortable with it. It's really important that you can move freely, and you'll love your clothes in every angle. Second, the fabric must be soft and gentle. And third, the price must be reasonable or somehow low cost. And that's a must for me especially I'm still a student. 

I believe that you can still buy very good clothes without spending too much money and you can find it all here at Perfect Fit Shop. This top is also the last piece and thanks God I got it! And not to mention the whole fabric glimmers and that's a 5 star! And then the next point is what I'm going to pair this with, and of course my ever favorite shorts saved the day! It's really a short shorts actually so I decided to wear a "short" tights so that I wont mind moving in different directions. If you want to wear this kind of apparel make sure you're going to blend it well or match it with your top. Since what I'm wearing here's a denim one every top goes well with it. Wearing shorts suits different types of shoes. Wear heels for a more polished look, sandals for something a bit more casual, and sneakers for a street-smart look. It all depends on the occasion and the type of look you’re after. 
Jovanni Bag
Camille Co's necklace and bangles that I bought during BU7. Big fan here! :)
Parisian Flats


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