Thursday, May 1, 2014


This post is not about fashion, but my passion. Since I was a child I know in my heart that pencils and colors are for me. I remember when I was still in prep school I spent my time drawing/sketching on my paper and notebook (mostly at the back page of my notebook). My mom got mad because she said I'm wasting every sheet that she keeps on buying and buying that it must be use for school purposes and so on. She's right of course MOTHER KNOWS BEST but that hobby the one thing I'm really really good at I guess can never be taken away from me or let's just say no one can stop me from drawing and drawing and drawing. Many years ago I was telling my mom to buy me paints, brushes and canvases but at first she didn't agree. But years and years of pursuing her (Hyperbole) she finally said YES :D I'm not an expert in painting I'm still a beginner and still learning mixing and blending colors. So here are some of my works that I hope you'll like :)
Let me start with this one that I call "SWAN LOVE". I decided to keep the color white for the both of them because as we all know it symbolizes purity, wholeness and perfection. Like the Love of God to us, the love that's FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER :)

I'm really trying hard to make a realistic view of nature. But as you can see it looks like grade 1 made this (the mountain) But I'm happy how this painting turned out. 
My 2nd :)
First sold painting. 
This is my latest painting. And the most special. This one's for my ever loving mom. Who is always there for me to guide me, support me and everything. She never left me through ups and downs, Oh how I love you mommy! :") She's the one who keeps inspiring me. Her love, patience, understanding, care, support, teachings, and advises, God thank you for giving me a mother like her :) This painting have many stories. My father and mother embracing us it's just like protecting, guarding and keeping us safe all the time. Their warmth gives us strength and courage to smile and to face every trials. Their gentle touch that keeps us calm whenever we are uncomfortable or nervous. We are all smiling because we are happy we have each other, we love each other, and we are always there for one another. The background is our adventures, hardships, accomplishments, and trials that we've faced. My family and God, they are my strength. 


  1. Wow! You are really very talented girl!
    I also painting and can appreciate the art, speccially like your lattest painting, its very creative, rememberme a little the style of an ecuadorian artist Guayasamin, you may interested in looking for him in google, its very creative art :)
    Thanks for your follow doll :)
    I follow back!

    1. Hi alissa! That's very nice of you. Thank you! And I'm glad you like it. I've searched about Guayasamin's art, and he's into portrait? I love his works :) Let me see your work of art too!

  2. Beautiful! The first one is my favorite one!

    Come by soon!



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