Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I've observed that I spent almost 70% of my money in buying clothes and that's not good. I guess? LOL. I see this stack of shirts that I have and don't use and that's a waste of space in my cabinet so I decided to make something new out of it. I just want to make it clear that I'm not an expert here or anything, actually it's my first time to do something like this, I hope you understand if it's not that perfect. Let's start!

Find a shirt that you don't actually use. There's no specific fabric needed, any type will do. For me, I found this old goofy shirt that I bought last 2 years ago. And then just simply follow the pictures here:
Cut the sleeves. It's up to you if you want a bigger armhole. Don't mind it if your cut is unclean it really don't matter because after you cut the sleeves just stretch it and you're going to have a clean look of your shirt. 
Let's get to the back of your shirt. Make sure you're going to have an even cut, with the use of tape measure measure the width of your shirt. 
Fold it in half with an equal length in both sides. You decide how long your cut will be. 
 Gelato Slippers / Forever21 Denim Jeans & Camis / Avon bangles and necklace / Old shirt


  1. Great DIY-it's cute and easy. Great way to revamp old t-shirts in your closet! I have to try this soon :)


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