Thursday, May 15, 2014


My first bloggers united was a blast! Even if I didn't got the chance to see or even say "Hi" to some of my favorite bloggers like Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy, and especially Camille Co but I know that there's always next time and at least I've got the chance to buy some of their stuffs. I'm really loving it! Especially when it looks like they're giving it away because of their low prices. There are also available food stalls outside waiting for hungry customers/bloggers. Not to mention different games and fun activities and promos! One of  a must have items there that I've seen was the CLN heels, they're selling it for only 499pesos from 1600pesos and up. The online shops are also present. My most favorite is the Perfect Fit Shop because of their cheap and quality products, soft and gentle fabric and really fashion forward. There are really tons of fun stuffs this BU7, they really know how to throw an event like this. :)
My sister and my mom


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