Friday, April 11, 2014


This dress from No Apologies is really convenient type of apparel, the last defense I had, I wore this and pair it with a coat and that's it. I transformed it to a corporate attire. Since I don't want to bring any skirt and blouse, this dress is the answer to my problem that time. I just love the color of it, if you'll ask why (maybe you're thinking that it's just plain blue) the color of it's not dead or boring. The strong rich color of  how blue it is captivates me :) And there's no need for me to think what necklace should go with this dress because this dress already have one. As I said, it's really convenient. :)

 If you're looking for a dress or top that won't need accessories like necklace, find an apparel that already have it like this dress. Less stress and you can also save time and money. 
I'm really thankful that my mom is providing me all that I need :) I really appreciate it when she's buying me high heels, close shoes and most especially flats. I know that my feet is crying whenever I wear high heels and this flats is all that my feet needs. 

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