Monday, April 7, 2014


I'm really lucky that I have a friend who's so crazy and I think who's passion is to be a model or he just love the camera that much that he suggested to have this kind of "bonding". Of course I'm always on the go! Especially I've been waiting for someone to ask me out to do some shots. Thanks to my sis! +Dale Balaba :)
You can really feel the blistering heat here in Manila. As day pass by summer's like really hugging you tighter and tighter. I don't feel to wear sando or show off my skin that much, and thanks to Unica hija's apparel I don't feel like I'm really wearing 3/4 top. It's fabric is very soft, light and gentle to the skin. 
I bought this skirt from Forever21 last 2 years I guess. And mind you, the color of the fabric didn't change a bit! That's what you call "QUALITY PRODUCT". I love the print, the color and especially the cute belt! Yes, It's included! :) This skirt is really convenient because of the pockets it have. The day I bought it I didn't noticed it until I wore it the first time. I can put my phone in here no need for sling bag or purse unless needed. 
It's really hot so please understand if I have to use this polka dots umbrella. ^_^
Photographed by: Dale Balaba 

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