Thursday, April 24, 2014


When I heard that Magnum Manila is open to the public now, I just said to myself that I have to go there and taste their delicious mouth watering desserts. I told my mom that and luckily my mom agree and guess what! She's more excited than me :) The first time we went there the line is too long that we're really impatient to wait and decided to come back the next day. When we got there I expect that the scenario will be like before but thanks God there's no line, and it's not that crowded anymore unlike the previous days. At first I'm afraid that Magnum Manila might disappoint me that I thought the desserts looks good only in the pictures but thanks God I'm wrong. what you see is really what you get :)  Their products taste like heaven! The service is good too and the ambiance is just so perfect! And since this is a special day for my sugar, I decided to dress up for my blog.

TIPS: Always matched everything you wear to your skin tone, even if wearing heels/pumps. They also make your legs look longer.
TIPS: Combine colors, scale, and patterns in a way that you looks dynamic. You can wear to prints that repeat the same color or mix a large scale-pattern with a smaller one.  
Cotton on Long sleeve
What important is that you'll have fun and be comfortable to the clothes that you are wearing.
But before all of this shots, MAGNUM MANILA time :) 
Cookie Dough Skillet 


  1. You look very nice!! Thank you I followed you on gfc and bloglovin :)

  2. Beautiful dress and style !


  3. Love your dress, really beautiful :)
    I am following you now
    Kisses honey
    Thanks for reading
    Say Cheese


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