Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I've been at BGC Mercato near SNR few months ago and last day I'v been at Crossing's Mercato behind pavillion and it's much better than the one in BGC! I was surprised that it's more spacious, it have a cinema like big screen that show movies and likes for free! There is also multiple selections of foods, they have "malagkit", cup cakes, heavy meals, and many many more.
The best thing about this place is that they have art section where you can watch the artist paint and some of them are paid to teach those who are interested to learn.
Before I forget, there's also a stall that sells accessories! It's like one stop shop for every person who wants to relax, enjoy and especially to eat! :) In addition, every night there's a band that will sing but sadly I wasn't able to watch that but hey! there's always next time right? :) Let me show you some of the pictures of my friends who's with me this day! They are really worth keeping! :)
Kelly Nasol
 Dale Balaba
Alyssa Cardenas
Ann Curtis
Thank you guys for the wonderful day! I had lots of fun and my tummy's happy! :) Anyway before I forget that this is a fashion blog this was my outfit that time. Hope you'll like it!

Since our destination was mercato I tried to keep it simple and comfortable. I want an attire that I can move freely and feel at ease. So I paired my black short to a t-shirt and a long sleeve tied up in my waist to have a bit of details. Of course a sandals will finish the whole look! :)
This long sleeve, Dale's property :)
Boardwalk sandals
 Behind me is the big screen that I was talking about.

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