Friday, April 4, 2014


I admit that I do have a lot of black tops. It is something that looks clean, sexy and sophisticated. And that's what I'm always looking for whenever I buy apparels. I remember that this top from +Forever 21  was given to me or let's just say that my favorite tito paid this :p :) He let me perambulate and when I saw this top simple but perfect! Just too perfect :) If you can see the details of this top, you'l fall in love with it! 

I decided to wear shades from +Forever 21 that really looks good with this whole outfit. The design and color of it blend well to the whole color motif of my attire.
 Since I'm doing this shots with my ever patient sister, Marry An I decided to wear her 1D dog tag necklace (she's really a fan promise) just to add some details for this look.
 +Unisilver Time Watch
Dior sling bag

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