Tuesday, April 29, 2014


They say that black is not the right color for this kind of weather, but since I do love wearing black because it makes you look thinner and classy, I decided to pair it with a yellow sando. It really balance the whole look. And did you know that yellow have a beautiful meaning? They say this color relates to acquired knowledge, uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. Read more Here. So if you're planning to have a look that's lively, smart or energetic you know what is the perfect color for you.
Avon necklace
Plains&prints shorts / Forever21 shades
This post is really special to me because I'm with my mom, for the first time she joined us as we took photos for my blog. You really made my day mommy! :D
Photographed by: Marry An
Thank you Mommy, Daddy and Mean for all the help, effort and support! I love you :) Thank you Jesus! :) ♥

Thursday, April 24, 2014


When I heard that Magnum Manila is open to the public now, I just said to myself that I have to go there and taste their delicious mouth watering desserts. I told my mom that and luckily my mom agree and guess what! She's more excited than me :) The first time we went there the line is too long that we're really impatient to wait and decided to come back the next day. When we got there I expect that the scenario will be like before but thanks God there's no line, and it's not that crowded anymore unlike the previous days. At first I'm afraid that Magnum Manila might disappoint me that I thought the desserts looks good only in the pictures but thanks God I'm wrong. what you see is really what you get :)  Their products taste like heaven! The service is good too and the ambiance is just so perfect! And since this is a special day for my sugar, I decided to dress up for my blog.

TIPS: Always matched everything you wear to your skin tone, even if wearing heels/pumps. They also make your legs look longer.
TIPS: Combine colors, scale, and patterns in a way that you looks dynamic. You can wear to prints that repeat the same color or mix a large scale-pattern with a smaller one.  
Cotton on Long sleeve
What important is that you'll have fun and be comfortable to the clothes that you are wearing.
But before all of this shots, MAGNUM MANILA time :) 
Cookie Dough Skillet 

Saturday, April 19, 2014


It's my first time to wear pants for my blog. Honestly I'm not the type of girl who love wearing this kind of clothes, I don't know why but I just don't feel comfortable with this. Anyway since this pants is from my ever favorite brand of clothes I decided to wear this and have fun :) This is what I bought during the BOGO of Forever21 what caught my attention when I was roaming around is its design "floral" which is really feminine and it's color. I love the mixture of gray pink and blue :) I decided to pair it with a top that I have when I was still in HS ( lucky me it still fits ) which is really cute so there it is...
What really touched my heart is that I have friends who love me for me and love what I love. One of that is my friend Hazel. I already mentioned her here in my blog but what surprised me about her is that when I asked her to go with me and be my photographer this day she said without any hesitation "YES" even if it's hot outside I didn't hear any complaints coming from here. I'm really lucky that I have a friend like her. She's not getting tired giving me advice or tips for me to improve my blog and giving me her precious time whenever I asked her help. I'm glad that I have her. I love you forevs hazelituuuh :) 
I'm with Gelo, Hazel, pastors and other Christians all the way from Victory DRT.

Monday, April 14, 2014


I spent my Palm Sunday with my family. And God really made may day special. He's really amazing indeed!   My day's full of surprises and I'm really thankful for every bit of it. And that day the pastor said to us that Christianity is not just a religion, and that's true. God died for us and he saved us from everything. Apart from God we are nothing. Nanay (our family friend) treat us at Seafood Island and sad to say we're not satisfied. But their really accommodating to every customers it's just that the foods need improvement. 
What's the best thing to do after God blessed you? Of course go to Sunday service and by that another blessing God gave to us is that we are on time, we're not late and we have the best seat :) 
My mom is the who pursue me to by this dress. And she 's also the one who always says that I have too much clothes. My mom really supports me with my passion and I'm really glad and blessed to have her in my life :) I love you mommy! ♥ At first I don't feel this dress because it's just plain black but when I've seen the back detail of it I just loved it! It's simple but really chic. And match that with my gladiator sandals (early birthday gift from my parents) this whole look is almost finish :) 

I really don't have the heart to wear gladiator sandals. But when I saw the blog of Camille Co I just said to myself  that I have to have that kind of sandals and what a perfect timing that I've seen one on Primadonna and this is the last pair. Thank you big time Jesus! :D It's really what I need and want, it can go with the shorts, dress, and skirt. 
 Jovanni Bag
 Seiko Watch
Primadonna gladiator sandals 
And after this I remember that I have my accessories with me, silly me. So what I planned is that I will have a red and black color motif. Sorry but I do love pairing black to different colors like black and white which really looks elegant, black and yellow or orange that looks playful and so on :) 
I decided to clip my hair with a red ribbon clip from Forever21  that blends well with my sling bag and necklace. 
AVON Necklace

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