Saturday, March 22, 2014


Today is my cousin's 25th birthday and it just happened that we came early and there's nothing to do. Even if the sun is shinning so bright it doesn't stop me to take the chance to have some shots and I'm really thankful for my sister Marry An for helping me every time :) 

 For this outfit, I've decided to wear a sando for this kind of climate and pair it with a denim short which I'm really in love right now. Of course because of the sun that's shinning so bright I decided to add up a shades which is really gorgeous! :) Adding up a necklace given by my mom that perfectly blend in with my top. And with that I pair it with a studs doll shoes.

 Avon necklace

 I know it's hot but I just can't go with this look by not giving it a twist. I've been thinking of adding up a jacket to add some details. I just love pairing black and red, it's just so good in the eyes :)

The Landmark shades & shorts

Primadonna studs doll shoes 

Jag jacket

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