Sunday, March 16, 2014


So far this is my favorite place here in BGC :) THE TREES in Burgos Circle. It's so amazing how Mr. Reynato Paz Conteras create such a wonderful view! I admire his taste and his creativity and choosing BGC as a place for his world class master piece! :) If you look closely there is a message from the sculptor saying  “The three trunks signify stability while the branches and leaves that intertwine to create the circular effect symbolize the ‘circle of life’, the interrelationships in nature and the vital role that each one plays. May this sculptural piece remind everyone of the need to preserve the environment to sustain life and development not just today but for the future as well.” 

This view is just so perfect for my new post, hope you'll like it :)

For the past days I've been thinking what to wear for my new post and thanks to my mom who forever supports me in my passion she suggested to wear this long sleeve, a sando which is perfect for this hot weather and a short and to pair it with a black rubber shoes. This is just so comfortable to wear and for me that's very important because it boost your confidence/self-esteem.

Cotton on Long sleeve

Crissa shorts

 Fila shoes

Forever21 sunglass 
I just love everything from +Forever 21. From their accessories, shoes and apparels, they are all perfect! So fashion forward and modish! :)

As we went there we were all amazed by this luxurious cars parked in the streets of Burgos. I mean c'mon!They are just so gorgeous! How I wish one of that is mine. This are just some of the pretty cars that I have seen, there are also vintage cars that looks so cool! This is really my first time to see as many as this grand cars in one place. BGC is such an amazing place indeed! 

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