Monday, March 31, 2014


My friends and I supposed to look for job this day and blog after that. But it just happened that we got lazy falling in a long long long long line (like Rapunzel's hair actually!) and we just eat, laugh and took "some" shots for my blog. We definitely had a nice fun day from morning till afternoon! :) Anyway, this is the first time I dressed like this. I don't usually wear skirt this short and adding that it's checkered. But what good about this look is that it's really eye catchy. I said before that I love the combination of black and red, and in this outfit it just show it really blend well, I think all colors paired with black looks good :) 
I prefer wearing flats in this look. I feel safe and at ease. Of course who wants to tumble while wearing a skirt right? It would be a big-time-shame. On the other hand if you have a skirt like this or looked closely like this one, you can wear close shoes and have a black stockings that'll definitely gives out a strong attitude or personality. 
 I want to thank my friend Alyssa who curls my hair, effort! :)
I decided to wear a plain button up sleeveless top to pair with this skirt. It's perfect because it balance the whole look. Wearing a checkered skirt don't go with a top which is too colorful. They'll just mixed up and you'll look like a mess wearing too much details.
I just love wearing flats! According to one of my favorite blogger Patricia Prieto (visit her blog "A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!" So for this look I will wear what I want, what I'm comfortable at and love every moment I spent with my amazing friends :) Hope you'll like it as much as I do! :) 

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