Friday, March 28, 2014


This is my 2nd outfit when I'm with my girlfriends Hazel and Joy. Of course hazel took the shots and Joy did my hair and make up. Originally we planned to be in an open space with trees and everything but since it was raining we are stuck here because at that moment we don't want to get wet especially my beloved dslr. Anyway I'm still happy because I'm with them and we're having fun.I love them big time! 
 I've decided to make this outfit simple, comfortable (even in high heels) and classy. In this getup you can add belt if you want to show off your body shape or make this look a bit corporate. For me I decided to leave it this way to keep it simple and modern. 
Forever21 dress
I absolutely love this dress because of its cut and piping. And also the lace that adds attitude and femininity.

We took this shot as fast as we can because of the rain and gosh! we are the only person who were out in an open area without an umbrella and at that instant I felt that everyone was looking at us thinking "what are they doing out there". But hey it's worth a shot! Thanks hazel and Joy! :) Till next time :* 

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