Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So far this is my favorite apparel that I've bought at +Forever 21, and guess where I've found it, at the plus size section of the store! it really caught my attention :) I love how it stand out because of the mixtures of colors, the cut and the flow of the skirt as you wear it. 
I'm really thankful for the wind that's cooperating with me in this photo:)

This galaxy print skirt is perfect with the simple black camis. It blends perfectly giving my outfit sexy and fresh look. In addition I pair it with a feather earrings (thanks to my mom) and a crystal white & blue bracelet. 

SM Accessories earrings / Avon necklace

Forever21 skirt 

Forever21 Camis 

MSE heels 

I'm really thankful to God that even though I'm so busy and there are bunch of things to do and to accomplish I am still able to update my blog. I just can't wait for summer vacation to come! NO STRESS :) 

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