Sunday, March 23, 2014


It's really funny that even if I have enough apparels for me to wear I always find it hard to what clothes to model. And I'm really happy that my mom never run out of ideas that it came to the point that I actually wore her top. And hey! It suites me :D We don't have the same size but I still manage to carry it and I really enjoyed the coziness it gives. I believe that it is important that you feel comfortable and at ease whenever you wear your clothes, because with that you will be confident enough and you'll boost your self-esteem. 
I've been doing some shots and this is the first time SM Aura entered my mind. The place is peaceful and safe and there's some bloggers too that went here. BGC is a place for bloggers I guess because I've noticed that some of my idols (Camille Co & Patricia Prieto) do visit BGC and have some photo shoots here for their blogs.
This top (My mom's top) is really comfortable! Forever21 have quality products swear! I never get disappointed in their apparels and also their fabrics are really soft and light that's why it's my favorite brand ever! :)
Originally I don't plan to wear a shades for this outfit but because of the lovely shades of my dear sissy Dale Balala I got tempted and there it goes :)
I love wearing black apparels but I don't like it to be simple. *Anyway, whatever color you will pair with black it'll blend perfectly*. I decided to add up a black & white necklace to go with this look and it really suites perfectly with my mom's top :) Thank you so much mommy! ^_^
Seiko watch
Forever21 top

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