Monday, March 31, 2014


My friends and I supposed to look for job this day and blog after that. But it just happened that we got lazy falling in a long long long long line (like Rapunzel's hair actually!) and we just eat, laugh and took "some" shots for my blog. We definitely had a nice fun day from morning till afternoon! :) Anyway, this is the first time I dressed like this. I don't usually wear skirt this short and adding that it's checkered. But what good about this look is that it's really eye catchy. I said before that I love the combination of black and red, and in this outfit it just show it really blend well, I think all colors paired with black looks good :) 
I prefer wearing flats in this look. I feel safe and at ease. Of course who wants to tumble while wearing a skirt right? It would be a big-time-shame. On the other hand if you have a skirt like this or looked closely like this one, you can wear close shoes and have a black stockings that'll definitely gives out a strong attitude or personality. 
 I want to thank my friend Alyssa who curls my hair, effort! :)
I decided to wear a plain button up sleeveless top to pair with this skirt. It's perfect because it balance the whole look. Wearing a checkered skirt don't go with a top which is too colorful. They'll just mixed up and you'll look like a mess wearing too much details.
I just love wearing flats! According to one of my favorite blogger Patricia Prieto (visit her blog "A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!" So for this look I will wear what I want, what I'm comfortable at and love every moment I spent with my amazing friends :) Hope you'll like it as much as I do! :) 

Friday, March 28, 2014


This is my 2nd outfit when I'm with my girlfriends Hazel and Joy. Of course hazel took the shots and Joy did my hair and make up. Originally we planned to be in an open space with trees and everything but since it was raining we are stuck here because at that moment we don't want to get wet especially my beloved dslr. Anyway I'm still happy because I'm with them and we're having fun.I love them big time! 
 I've decided to make this outfit simple, comfortable (even in high heels) and classy. In this getup you can add belt if you want to show off your body shape or make this look a bit corporate. For me I decided to leave it this way to keep it simple and modern. 
Forever21 dress
I absolutely love this dress because of its cut and piping. And also the lace that adds attitude and femininity.

We took this shot as fast as we can because of the rain and gosh! we are the only person who were out in an open area without an umbrella and at that instant I felt that everyone was looking at us thinking "what are they doing out there". But hey it's worth a shot! Thanks hazel and Joy! :) Till next time :* 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Since I have nothing to do because it's our summer vacation, I have more time to update my blog! :) Thank you Lord for everything :) Okay, Since I can't wait for the sun to hide behind those beautiful fluffy clouds I ignore the sun and go do the shots in an open area without any shades. I think it's around 11am when I did this and yes it's so hot! But hey, it's summer right? So let's just enjoy every bit of it. As I was saying this whole outfit is summer inspired (sorry if I'm not on the beach) soon hopefully ;) 
Rusty Lopez High heels
This outfit is just so cute and the moment I saw it I just said to myself "I'm gonna buy this"! :) And I'm really happy because this outfit is just so girly that I guess all the girls will love it because it looks like a dress but actually the bottom is a short. Anyway, what important is that you must feel at ease and enjoy wearing your clothes at all times. 
If your top have enough details like what I am wearing here you don't need to have necklace because it'll be just too much of everything.

My sister is playing guitar and she always play this song and I just love it! The message and everything! 

Give me love like her,
'cause lately I've been waking up alone,
Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt,
Told you I'd let them go,
And that I'll fight my corner,
Maybe tonight I'll call you
After my blood turns into alcohol,
No, I just wanna hold you.

Ed Sheeran is really an amazing artist! :)


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It's been years I guess when I last saw my pretty amazing gorgeous friend Joy Grace Iguan. I'm really happy that we had this day, lots of laugh and "kwentuhan". And specially my long time girl friend Hazel Bandola who's really a great photographer! :) Anyway this post is very special to me because they are the one who initiate to help me improve my blog and they lend their time and effort for me :">  Aren't they the sweetest friends? :"> I'm so thankful to God that I have a friend like them :"> They are very supportive and even if I kept them waiting for hours because I'm still having my exam that time they didn't get mad or upset, and I'm super thankful and sorry for that friends :( I hope you understand, that won't happen again swear. Back to my blog, here is what we have accomplished :) 
As you can see the path's wet because at that time it's raining. Effort right? But even if the case is like that I didn't hear any complaints from my friends. They are just so amaaazing! And girls, I love you so much! Thank you for everything :"> 
In this look I decided to have a theme of spring. And I just like to share to you guys that this is just so comfortable to wear! The fabric is light and simple & really classy. I matched my dress with a denim vest to have a little bit of edge in this attire. And of course I pair it with a high heels to show off my height.Wearing  high heels gives sexiness and sophistication to every woman wearing it. It's just that it really hurts when you walked to much, so always bring your flats with you when you feel like giving up :) 
To have this umbrella in this post was not planned but because of the non stop rain I had no choice but to use it  in some of my shots. But still we manage to make this photos good somehow :) And hey, it's my friend hazel who's instructing me to what pose to do, thank you friend! :* Anyway, it's like we are shooting a music video this day because of the weather, and the song that my friend joy is singing is "don't forget" by Demo Lovato. 
It's really hard doing this pose on a wet grass but it's worth a shot! :) I just love my blog so much :)
Jesus, thank you for giving us this day! I pray that this will happen again minus the rain :) I love you again friends! Here's our picture after they help me finish this post for my blog :)
 They both love chocolate :)
Joy grace (left) & Hazel (right)

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