Saturday, December 20, 2014


Going back to my favorite hotel here in Makati was really full of fun and it's indeed relaxing. A short break that I really need away from the deadlines and work. The ambiance, the people, and the employees with their warm smile welcoming and greeting us every time, it was really a glimpse of heaven. A beautiful place like this in the middle of the city deserves an outfit that I love as well. It's not every time I wear crop top and not every where I wear corporate skirt. I honestly don't feel comfortable wearing too sexy apparel (yes, I still find it too sexy) in public like in malls and parks. Anyway, loving the prints in my crop top I opted to pair it with another printed vest and to calm my outfit down, a plain black skirt that I use during my ojt polished my look. And since I'm in a place like this, say hi to my heels! Yes it hurts, so why not remove them after taking some photos right? Lol. I honestly did that, from the gym area going up taking the elevator. The funny thing here actually was that when the elevator opened and I was about to go out, what surprised me was that I came a crossed to the newly weds, all dressed up in their gown and suit and I was like there barefooted while holding my heels. I so love that moment! ♥

Photographed by: Marry An Vergara

Forever21 Crop top and Vest/ Rusty Lopez Heels

Friday, December 5, 2014


Everything pink is good in my eyes. The thing I love about it is how radiant you look in it. It simply shows my personality and attitude and that is also the reason why many years ago I adore barbies in their pretty little pink dress. I remember the times that I don't want to buy that school bag and that sandals because it's not pink. Good memories indeed! So when I saw this button up top I can't help myself to buy this. It's so chic and I can pair anything with it from jeans to shorts and even skirts. And now that gladiator sandals add up in my obsession list why not pair my first love to my gladiator sandals right? Adding up a black and white necklace really pop on my outfit. You see, if you're going to add accessories on your look remember that you must balance everything. It means that if you're going to wear necklace or bracelets the color must be still visible. Adding accessories in your look does and always polish your ootd's ;)

Here's a little pick of  paintings I saw at Makati Shangri La hotel, and I was really inspired and fascinated by their paintings since I am new and still learning to paint :) I really pray that someday I can make something as beautiful and meaningful like this babies.

Hope you all love it! ♥

Pazzo Top/ Primadonna Gladiator sandals/ Bazaar Shorts & Necklace

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Reminiscing my November with this photos. Having my camera with me all the time really gives me the opportunity to capture every moment I spent outside the comfort of my home. Good or bad, every split second was really worth the shot. 

With these beautiful stuff around BGC I know my night will be totally awesome! 

After seeing the  stuff toys from the movie Frozen the first person that came to my mind was my sister. She'll scream her heart out for this. Lol xD

And the highlight of my night was these paintings. They are all gorgeous and indeed fantastic. I really adore artistic people especially those kind of artist that use simple materials and creates magnificent work of art.  I asked the painter if I can take a picture of her to put here in my blog but sadly she's just too shy so she just let me took some shots of her art works.

Carbs, sweets and a lot more ♥ 

Friday, November 21, 2014


I've been so busy with all the duties I have to accomplish that I cant find any available time to blog and post all my drafts, so with my new post I'm gonna welcome myself with a stiletto that I always try to avoid, lol. Starting my day here in a very relaxing place in the middle of a busy city, Makati Shangri La Hotel was really the place I need right now. A few days of escape from all the stress and work. It's indeed a perfect timing for me :) Waking up embracing the warm comfort of the bed seeing and sharing laughter and fun with my family is the best stress reliever ever! And knowing that I got to go that day and face the reality again, I felt sad leaving the warmth and all the beautiful stuff here so before I bid goodbye here's a quick outfit post for you guys. 

TIP: Before choosing a dress or before thinking of buying that apparel you are thinking of, you must know what your skin color is. Buying the right color and details really affects your entire look. That's why I'm so in love with my pretty blue dress. Wearing the right one will add glow and drama to your look.

Here are some of the beautiful spots that I really adore in Makati Shangri La Hotel.

Busy lights of Ayala.
Photographed by: Marry an Vergara

Red Girl dress/ Rusty Lopez heels

Friday, November 7, 2014


I remember the time I told myself that I don't want to wear school uniforms anymore. It's just 2 weeks or so and I miss them already LOL. Since this semester is almost all about finishing our practicum and our company don't require uniforms, everyday I have to think of something to wear that is comfortable and I can move freely but don't get me wrong, I love and I'm enjoying every bit of it! I know most of you will think of corporate attire when you are working, and yes that's right. Part of myself is just tired of all the coats so I'm gonna stick to cardigans for now. It's light and very convenient. I opted to wear black skirt, and a gray top. The blend of dark color to light ones is just so perfect! And of course I don't want to put my feet to hell with high heels, so doll shoes will always and forever be my first choice.

Here are some corporate looks wearing cardigan instead of coat. Remember it's all about how you are going to carry your OOTD's and you can add some accessories to polish your look :)

Friday, October 17, 2014


Did it ever happened to you that you have this one apparel in your closet that you love so much but don't know how you're going to look best at it? Actually, I don't know why I found it very complicated to what's the best for this top. I tried it on leggings, shorts, jeans, and a lot more! Everything seems to be good but I'm just not satisfied. I don't know why on Earth I felt that why. And then realization hits me, I want this outfit to be sexy, classy, not that girly and of course I want to feel safe and comfortable as I wear it. I'm really glad that I have this high waist shorts, it's really classic and the length of it? I don't even bother thanks to my hi-lo top :) When I say comfortable I'm actually pertaining with the flats I'm wearing. As you can see, I really matched it with my shorts. (I really love pairing clothes, shoes and accessories that have same prints and designs, you can observe that in my blog)

Some people are not comfortable wearing necklace. Trust me I know some. And for me, accessories like that will really help you polish your OOTDs, but as I always say you should love what you wear and you should not force anything if you don't like it just to make you look good. A little tip for you if you are that kind of person, try to pick a top that have enough details, studs or designs near on the collar. This will help you replace those accessories, and also you'll save your money :) 

Photographed by: Hayna B
Forever 21 Accessories, Camis, Hi-Lo Top & High waist shorts/ Zanea Sandals/ 

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